More Than a Season

When the season ends, it always hurts. From November until April, we immerse ourselves in college hoops, specifically Shocker basketball, and when the season ends, well, it's painful. The oomph to the solar plexus, the slight confusion, the reality check of everyday life. During basketball season, we live game day to game day, with each moment … Continue reading More Than a Season

Making school history: 29-win season and NIT championship

I'm extremely superstitious. Since March 16, I've worn the same outfit for every Shocker NIT game,  right down to my socks and shoes. And I swore I would not post one word about the tournament. Not one. After the awful loss in the MVC, I decided not writing about the tournament run would be best. Save … Continue reading Making school history: 29-win season and NIT championship

WuShock takes a tumble. Literally

When your fearless mascot takes a tumble down the arena stairs during the first half of the semi-finals in a tournament, call me superstitious but it's game over. Not only did Wu fall, but he suffered what was thought to be a broken ankle. Turns out it's a high ankle sprain, but nonetheless our Great Bundle … Continue reading WuShock takes a tumble. Literally

Right where we want ’em

Yes, it's taken me this long to get over the loss to Missouri State. Once again the Shox came out flat in the first half and their shining moments came too little, too late. I can't figure it out. Was  their lackadaisical first-half attitude throughout the season a result of being picked to win the MVC  title at … Continue reading Right where we want ’em

This is it…the MVC title.

Today is the big day. The Shockers battle Missouri State for the MVC title. The game is at noon on ESPN2 and yes, I'm nervous. We have an opportunity to go undefeated on the road and win the championship outright. Plus this would give the Shox huge momentum going into the MVC tournament in St. Louis. Senior night was … Continue reading This is it…the MVC title.

Superstitious Bundle of Wheat

Since I attended the KU/Missouri game at Allen Field House on Monday evening, my Shox lost at home to a very beatable SIU team and I came down with two days of the stomach flu. Needless to say, I will not be returning to Lawrence any time soon. I'm totally superstitious. I paint my toenails orange during … Continue reading Superstitious Bundle of Wheat

Innovative bundles of wheat

Recently, I was forwarded a photo of the 1905 Wheatshocker football team. It was from an article in the Wichita Eagle about implementing two innovations of the football game: the "first and ten" and the forward pass. Love this photo. These are the mighty Wheatshockers, now known as the  Shockers. While our football team at … Continue reading Innovative bundles of wheat