Mid-week mumblings

The snow is snowing, the wind is blowing but I can weather the storm. I’ve got my hate to keep me warm…”

A blue hate. The blue of a Bluejay. A Creighton Bluejay.  My dislike for the Bluejays ranks right up there with the Green Bay Packers. And why? Because for years as a devoted Shocker fan I’ve endured the Dana Altman-Creighton legacy of buzzer beater wins and well, just plain beatings. And tonight, the Shox stumble into Omaha to face the Bluejays with  a whole lot stacked against them: a Shocker loss at home against MO. State; the fact the Shox haven’t won in Omaha since 1992; Creighton is coming home after two road wins; and it’s $1 beer and soda night at Sokol Arena.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that Creighton’s new coach and former UNI coach, Greg McDermott,  is 7-4 all-time against WSU, including 4-1 at home.  And Marshall is 2-5 against Creighton. Unlike Lovie Smith’s mantra of “beat Green Bay”, Marshall did not list “beat Creighton” as a top priority. And to think I was glad when Dana aka E.T. hit the road.

Which explains why I’m a little nervous about this game. After a loss to the Bears, we need this road win. Big time. And we need to beat Creighton. Once and for all. But in typical WSU vs Creighton style, it will be tough. It will be physical. It will be mental. It will be exhausting. And I’m hoping…exhilirating.

Tonight, I’ll don my “Your Mascot Tastes Like Chicken” t-shirt and just before game time review an old video of the last second three to beat Creighton in Koch Arena. In overtime. No time outs. February 14, 2006. My 40th birthday. What a present all wrapped in black and gold and delivered by Mattie, Sean, Kyle, Paul, and PJ.

Not sure I can handle an overtime situation tonight. But if we can beat Creighton at home, I’ll take it anyway the Shox decide to serve it.

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