Superstitious Bundle of Wheat

Since I attended the KU/Missouri game at Allen Field House on Monday evening, my Shox lost at home to a very beatable SIU team and I came down with two days of the stomach flu. Needless to say, I will not be returning to Lawrence any time soon.

I’m totally superstitious. I paint my toenails orange during football season, gold during February and March. There are certain t-shirts and sweatshirts I do not wear on game day because they brought bad luck to my teams in the past. Even if that past was ten years ago, the item stays in the darkness of my closet come game day. I only drink Pepsi at Koch arena because the one time I switched to Dr Pepper, George Mason put a hurtin’ on my Shox. I play Sweet Home Chicago by the Blues Brothers before every playoff game. Twice. And if Jared had never put that awful Packer plate on my car, Green Bay would not be celebrating their Super Bowl victory. The list goes on.

Which is why I’m heeding the aftermath of my Allen Field House venture. But is was fun. I especially enjoyed the remarks, texts, and Facebook posts received by family and friends upon learning a Shocker was entering Jayhawk territory.

A co-worker, “YOU are going WHERE?”

Text messages from Steve B.: “You are not wearing black and gold, are you?” me: “No, but I am wearing a gray WSU sweater.”  steve: “Antoine Carr would be proud.”

Steve after the game: “Are you a Jayhawk fan, now?”  me: “Never.”

Facebook posts:  Natalie Olmsted No, I will not convert but I had a blast at Allen Field house.February 7 at 10:29pm

 Jj Barrientos You should not you are true black and gold with the Wu Shock nation, glad you enjoyed the evening in the Phog.

 Matt Bye Gross. Shower twice!

 Ingrid Mendoza thank god!
 Jeff Graber I think you should go to confession!!! Don’t do that again.     
Phone conversation w/ JJ during ride home in the Kansas blizzard: “Now I have proof. You went to a KU game and hell is freezing over.”  
No worries. Hell will not completely freeze over, I did shower twice, and I’m going to confession with black and gold rosary beads in hand. You don’t have to tell me, or prove to me, twice. As Stevie once sang, “Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall…”

One thought on “Superstitious Bundle of Wheat

  1. Oh Dear! After reading this I feel like I am the type of scoundrel that pushes drugs at a grade school play ground! Or perhaps a pimp who targets and corrupts young Catholic girls! For it was I (along with my bride) who tempted the Shocker with tales of food and drink in the fair city of Lawrence and then lured you and Brad in the House of Phog! It was us who told the young Shocker the history of the noble Jayhawkers who have been protecting the world from the dastardly Mizzo fans since 1865! We forced beer down you at Free State Brewery and wine at the Eldridge! Places that the cowardly Quantrill raiders burned down twice as they tried to force slavery in our noble “free state”. The impressible Shocker witnessed firsthand the hatred between the forces of good and evil! There is a reason for the motto: “K-State is your rival, Missouri is your enemy”.

    In defense of your shouldering the burden of the Shocker loss (again remember I too am an angry bundle of wheat) I would like to point out the large number of WSU fans and administration that were also in attendance at Allen Field House that evening! Did we not see our beloved athletic director strolling through the field house? I know this defense will fall on deaf ears. Because as all of us who follow your blog know: you are more than a tad bit nutty! : )


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