A (Wu) Shocker in Allen Field House

Again, a busy sports week. Or two.  I was disappointed to see Jerry Sloan leave the Utah Jazz. How can you not respect Coach Sloan? One of my favorite playoff rivalries were the Bulls vs. Jazz. Jordan and Pippen vs. Malone and Stockton. Very sad to see the end of an incredible era. MLB spring training has begun, … Continue reading A (Wu) Shocker in Allen Field House

Superstitious Bundle of Wheat

Since I attended the KU/Missouri game at Allen Field House on Monday evening, my Shox lost at home to a very beatable SIU team and I came down with two days of the stomach flu. Needless to say, I will not be returning to Lawrence any time soon. I'm totally superstitious. I paint my toenails orange during … Continue reading Superstitious Bundle of Wheat