A (Wu) Shocker in Allen Field House

Again, a busy sports week. Or two.  I was disappointed to see Jerry Sloan leave the Utah Jazz. How can you not respect Coach Sloan? One of my favorite playoff rivalries were the Bulls vs. Jazz. Jordan and Pippen vs. Malone and Stockton. Very sad to see the end of an incredible era.

MLB spring training has begun, complete with Brian Wilson sightings and, of course, the will-he-will-they contract negotiations (or not) between Pujols and the Cardinals (trust me, he will not play for any team but the Cardinals).

But, I have a story to finish. I finally got over the Bird flu, my Shox destroyed UNI at home (without the brutish, but smart O’Rear) and continued their 7-0 record on the road against Evansville last night. Next, VCU at Koch Arena as part of the ESPN Bracket Buster weekend. We are nearing the madness of March and I can hardly wait.

So what of my trip to Lawrence? I confess, I enjoyed it. From the Free State Brewery to The Wheel; Allen Field House and the Rock Chalk Chant;  perusing the museum of KU history, including a moment of honor for the Kansas Comet himself, Gale Sayers;  Jayhawk popcorn and a history lesson in “why we hate Mizzou” (thank you, Mr. Ochs); and a lovely stay at The Halcyon Bread and Breakfast.

It was a whirlwind, worth it, wild and wacky trip. Words cannot begin to describe it, so I’ll toss in some pictures for good measure. Final thought, whether you are a KU Jayhawk fan or not, if you get the opportunity to see a game in Allen Field House…GO! If you love college basketball, you will not be disappointed. You will be in awe. You will get goose bumps. You will smile. And if you’re like me, feel a little guilty about “cheating” on your home team. But I promise, you will enjoy every moment. And if you don’t, you’re not a college basketball fan. At least, not in my book.

(the culprits responsible for the attempted ‘Hawk conversion: Scott and Carole Ochs)

After The Wheel, we headed to the Jayhawk Cafe which houses a very scary basement bar. A true fire hazard.

Gale Sayers, the Kansas Comet. This alone was worth the trip.

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