In Celebration: a tribute

I’m often asked why I got into fundraising. I’ve heard it all, from “I couldn’t ask people for money” to “fundraisers are just glorified car salesman.” What people don’t understand is that there is so much more involved. We make connections, share stories, get to know one another and if the affinity for our mission … Continue reading In Celebration: a tribute

Like the Day after Christmas: The End of Basketball Season

For just a few teams, four to be exact, the season has not yet ended. But for me, the squeak of shoes on the court at Koch Arena has faded, the home/away schedule has been taken off the refrigerator, and the courtship of Coach Marshall by bigger, richer programs has begun. Shocker hoops season is … Continue reading Like the Day after Christmas: The End of Basketball Season

Day #16 of Wild and Exciting Little Things: A walk through campus

On a crisp, fall morning, there is nothing I enjoy more than walking through campus. Now, I love walking on campus anytime, but when the leaves are changing and the newness of the academic year is fresh upon the breeze, that is when I feel most connected. This morning, the air felt clean as I walked in … Continue reading Day #16 of Wild and Exciting Little Things: A walk through campus

A WSU holiday

This is the button I received last Thursday at the WSU Alumni Breakfast Series featuring Linwood Sexton. For those of you unfamiliar with this gentle man, he is a 1948 graduate of the University of Wichita, a standout Shocker football player who holds WSU's career rushing record, was named All-Missouri Valley Conference First Team three times, was … Continue reading A WSU holiday

WuShock takes a tumble. Literally

When your fearless mascot takes a tumble down the arena stairs during the first half of the semi-finals in a tournament, call me superstitious but it's game over. Not only did Wu fall, but he suffered what was thought to be a broken ankle. Turns out it's a high ankle sprain, but nonetheless our Great Bundle … Continue reading WuShock takes a tumble. Literally

Right where we want ’em

Yes, it's taken me this long to get over the loss to Missouri State. Once again the Shox came out flat in the first half and their shining moments came too little, too late. I can't figure it out. Was  their lackadaisical first-half attitude throughout the season a result of being picked to win the MVC  title at … Continue reading Right where we want ’em

A (Wu) Shocker in Allen Field House

Again, a busy sports week. Or two.  I was disappointed to see Jerry Sloan leave the Utah Jazz. How can you not respect Coach Sloan? One of my favorite playoff rivalries were the Bulls vs. Jazz. Jordan and Pippen vs. Malone and Stockton. Very sad to see the end of an incredible era. MLB spring training has begun, … Continue reading A (Wu) Shocker in Allen Field House

Innovative bundles of wheat

Recently, I was forwarded a photo of the 1905 Wheatshocker football team. It was from an article in the Wichita Eagle about implementing two innovations of the football game: the "first and ten" and the forward pass. Love this photo. These are the mighty Wheatshockers, now known as the  Shockers. While our football team at … Continue reading Innovative bundles of wheat