In this case, I’m using offensive as in disagreeable to the senses. Which is what WSU’s offensive rebounding was last evening against San Diego State. Offensive.

The Shox were out-rebounded 27-36. You don’t win games, especially on the road when you do not rebound. But the worst part of those 27 was the fact the Shox only had six offensive boards. Six. And only two in the first half. Two.

Offensive: stinky

Two offensive rebounds is like the players went down the court, took a shot, missed, then just handed the ball to the Aztecs. In comparison, the Aztecs had seven offensive boards in the first half. I believe at one point, the television screen flashed the statistic that SDS was averaging three chances per offensive possession. While we were one and done on most possessions, the Aztecs were allowed to try, try, try again.

Now, I give credit to the Aztecs. They are fast. They are athletic. And they remind me of a George Mason team who took the NCAA tournament by storm in 2006, running over teams, BIG teams, including the Shockers. (On a side note, I do hope the Aztecs fans are much better behaved than the Patriot faithful, who threw stuff and yelled obscenities at Shocker fans during the Sweet Sixteen game in D.C. I should know. I was there and a recipient of the nastiness).

That said, while it is still very early in the season, San Diego State shows promise. And hunger. They are 8-0, while the Shox are 5-2. I still have faith in my Shockers. They also show promise. There are the signs. But to win a conference title and an invite to the Madness, a team has to rebound. A team has to give itself more than one chance. More than two.

Let’s hope next game, offensive will equal aggressive. Go Shox!

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