Transitional period

Labor Day weekend is upon us, which means we soon enter the transitional phase of the year, the one where it’s okay to start wearing fall colors and stash the flip-flops at the back of the closet. Or in my case, shift my Chicago Bear apparel to the front of the closet, dig out a few hoodies in preparation for the cold (who am I kidding), and shove the Cubs stuff to the back. 

By now, I’m sick of grilled burgers, grilled dogs, grilled chicken, grilled chops, grilled fish, grilled anything. I long to turn on the oven, if I can remember how that’s done, and dust off the crock pot. I want to turn in my Summer Shandy for Octoberfest, my sangria for a nice Malbec, and start a fire.

In a nutshell, I’m so read for fall. With the Cubs long out of any race, the injury-laden SF Giants four games out of the NL West  and my fantasy baseball team stuck seven points behind the Bobber, I’m pretty much ready for this baseball thing to be over.

In preparation for the upcoming season, I tried to join a fantasy football league. It’s been at least six years since I last belonged to a league. After being turned down by a few all-male leagues, I started an all-women fantasy football league. Twelve women who came to play. Well, most of us. At least half are using it as a learning experience, an NFL 101 class, and I’m glad to be teaching. No money, no pressure, just watch parties and maybe a pop quiz or two. And lots of football. Real football, not preseason.

And as for my preseason Bears, I’m disappointed Knox is having to fight for his job when Williams still hasn’t proven he can catch a ball. I’m impressed with the offensive line and the leadership of Garza. I’m glad to see Kyle Adams, former Purdue TE,  is still playing well and hanging in there. But I can only take so much preseason.

And with at least 14 weeks until college basketball season begins, I need these transitional days to end. Now. I want cooler days and crisper nights. I want to wear my Sweetness sweatshirt and cook chili.  I want to pick up my WSU season tickets and rip open the envelope like a kid tearing through birthday presents and I want to go to Shocker Madness.

In other words, I’m ready for this long, hot summer to say goodbye and the most wonderful time of the year to begin and I’m not talking Christmas.


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