The Beginning and the End

Last week my competitive spirit was still pushing me along in the wacky never ending world of fantasy baseball. While I managed to grab the #1 spot a few times, I’ve been lounging at #3 for most of this season. Not that I’m complaining, but now it’s serious. A bet has been made.

The individual who coerced me into joining the league with his Zeus-Jesus-Jordan of fantasy baseball remarks was able to get me to agree on a bet. I know, I know, I’m a sucker. Anytime someone questions my ability to hang in there with the boys regarding sports, I’m all up in arms. All up.

And we couldn’t just stop with a monetary wager. No. We had to make it interesting. So what is this bet? It goes like this. My goal is not to win the entire league, although that would be more than awesome, my goal is to beat Zeus-Jordan-Jesus or whatever, and  he being this guy. If I beat the Daily Bobber, he owes me $50 and he has to wear a personalized shirt with my team logo ( a lovely lady with a beard) and on the back it will read “Zeus-Jordan-Jesus got beat by a girl.”

But, if I lose I owe the Bobber $50 and I have to wear a…this is the tragic part..a Packers t-shirt.

I know! Those of you who know my love of everything Chicago Bears know how much I despise the Green Bay Packers. I’ve erased last season’s Superbowl completely from my mind. As far as I’m concerned, there was no Superbowl. The idea of sporting a Packer shirt, even if for a minute, makes my skin break out in hives.

But, I’d had nothing to worry about. Bearded Ladies had moved in to the three-spot and the Wichita Giants were struggling between fifth and fourth.

So, imagine my terror when I received this email:

Everybody ahead of the Bearded Ladies, say YEAAAAAAAA.  (YEAAAAAAAA)

My lovely ladies have taken a header into 5th place. 5th. While the  Wichita Giants have slipped into 2nd. And it was just last week I was thankful baseball season was almost over and football about to begin. Now I’m thinking I might need a few more weeks, even after comparing the season to the 22-month gestation period of an elephant. I’m so done with it, especially with preseason football opening today.

Deep breath. I can do this. I’m good under pressure. And the thought of donning a gold and green shirt, while it is keeping me up at night, will surely force me to do whatever it takes to win this bet.

I wonder if I could be DQd for bribing the two guys in the bottom of the standings with beer and food in exchange for a few of their players? Better go check the rules.

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