Almost there…(Home project Part II)

For all-over staining or large areas, Brad can use a roller, but for these tile designs it’s all by hand.

It’s a long process and hard work made especially harder when the creator is a perfectionist. So while he didn’t trust me to stain within the lines, at least I could bring him a beer every now and then.

Of course,  I had one. Snapping those chalk lines and taking pictures is hard work!

Once the floor was stained, it was time to re-snap chalk lines in preparation for the engraving. Brad had help from me and our cat, Day Tripper.

Then it was time for the engraving. Yes, all by hand. Yes, on all fours. I don’t know how he does it.

Again, the handy, dandy frisbee. When it was finally engraved, the concrete was  vacuumed and mopped and left to dry overnight before the floor sealer was applied…next up, the finished product. But until then, a second slideshow of the second and third process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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