My floor rocks (or Home Project Finale)

First, a correction to the previous post. Brad does not use a roller to apply stain to large areas, but a sprayer.

Now, the final floor.

Now we repaint the walls, put in two new windows, do some redecorating, add an area rug (no, it won’t cover the design), and we’re finished. I won’t bore you with those last details, I mean how exciting is it to see a window replaced or walls painted. No, the floor was the major project and I believe it to be amazing. Yes, my floor rocks. But so does my husband.

Feel free to share our little concrete flooring adventure. After all, a busy business owner is a happy business owner.

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One thought on “My floor rocks (or Home Project Finale)

  1. He is such an artist. I have shared his information with Dad – need to show him these pics. I will also share with my brother Jose – he’s in the process of remodeling his home right now. When we continue with our remodel, I so want a room with a floor done by Brad – looks so beautful!


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