Home Project (part I)

What do you do in the middle of February with snow on the ground and your husband’s business is in between jobs? You begin a home improvement project. Or at least, that’s what we did. Last week, when the snow was coming down, Brad moved all of our furniture from the lower level into our laundry/storage room, ripped up the old, hideous green carpet, and began brainstorming. For those of you who are unaware, we own a concrete design-engrave-stencil and stain company, Concrete Colorscapes. As is the case with most business owners, while other homes in Wichita have beautiful stained and engraved concrete floors and patios, we do not. 

What I”ve decided to do is chronicle this little project. Wait, did I type “little?” Big project. A step-by-step of the entire process from the designing to the engraving to the staining to the finish.  

Brad began by putting his creative thoughts on paper, somewhat of a guide but more to show me what he was thinking. Unlike Brad, I have a hard time visualizing anything to do with color. Thank goodness I married an artist.

This is what the floor looked like after the carpet removal and a little cleaning.

Next, we began snapping chalk lines on the floor to outline the design.

Bet you didn’t know frisbees had multiple uses, such as outlining floor designs.

So, once the chalk lines were snapped Brad began brushing on color. I’ve provided a slideshow from the initial design to the brushing of color, just to give you an idea of the process. Yes, this was only step one. Stay tuned.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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