The 33-0 deficit at the half the Bears faced yesterday was the largest in their 91 seasons.  They were bullied, run over, throttled and just plain out-played on their home turf. And in their home conditions.

I’m almost glad our local stations didn’t carry the game. I did get to watch online from a link I received via the Bears website. I confess, the only thing I enjoyed about watching the game was the swirling wind, snow, and die-hard Bears brethren in the stands.

Our only saving grace? The Packers lost to Detroit. I always love a Pack loss, especially when it means we remain first in our division. Although after yesterday’s game, I’m not so sure we deserve it. But it’s over. Now on to next Monday night and the Vikings. Not sure if they’ll be able to inflate their roof by then, so should be interesting regarding venue. And we’ll see if the Diva feels up to playing. Just three games left in the season: Vikings, Jets (home game), and Packers. So, along with a white Christmas I’m dreaming of three up and three down.

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