Bears, Patriots and sissy stadiums

I’ve often grumbled about not being able to see enough of my Bears games televised locally. It gets expensive going to bars to cheer for my blue and orange. But imagine my surprise when I discovered today’s game, Bears vs Patriots, was not listed. Are you freaking kidding me? The Bears/Patriots game is considered the key matchup of the weekend. Two of the best teams in what could be a decisive and statement win for either club.

Then, I had hope.  Mother Nature dropped a few inches of snow in Minnesota and it seems the sissy dome, or Metrodome, couldn’t handle the white stuff and collapsed. Or deflated. Either way, it proves my point that football games are meant to be played in the elements. Give me rain. Give me snow. If you play with a roof over your head and in controlled temperatures, it’s not real football. Do you think the Most Interesting Man int the World would play in a dome? No.

So for a moment,  I thought I might be thankful for the sissy dome, especially if this means I get to root for my Bears in the comfort of my home, by the fireplace, with a tasty beverage and homemade snack at hand.

But the Giant/Vikings game is at noon, and my Bears do not play until 3:00, which is when the Chiefs play. And for those of us whose loyalties are not to the red and gold, this means heading to a bar or watching on the computer.

Dang. And to top it all off, it’s snowing and cold in Chicago. Oh, yeah. Real football.  Go Bears!

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