Okay, you have my attention

And so the mermaids continue to swim through my consciousness and everyday life.

The day after my post about the haunting of the mermaids, I dropped in to see my good friend, Deah. We were partners in crime at the dental office I was once employed for thirteen years. I miss her, dearly.

As hoped, she had new pictures to share of her daughter, Avery, and son, Jackson. Avery is going to be four years old. And in true little girl spirit, she asked for a themed birthday party. This theme:

While Avery looks beyond darling in her mermaid costume, this additional sign couldn’t be any more clearer than if this beautiful little girl were holding an actual sign that read “Hey, idiot. Write the dang novel, already.”

Anyway, I adore the picture. And I get it. Boy, do I get it.

(Side note, on “How I Met Your Mother” this week, the plot danced around a mermaid theory created by Barney. Enough already!)

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