Week 3.5: Looking forward in a time of covid-19

Friday. Remember when we used to look forward to Friday? Now, with most of us at home during the week, Friday has lost its magic. No TGIF! memes – more like, Friday, Meh memes. Friday has lost its ranking and has now become just another blurry day of the week. As I was contemplating this … Continue reading Week 3.5: Looking forward in a time of covid-19

Gratitude and Joy

Wednesday afternoon as the familiar smell of sweet potato pies filled our home, I took a moment to think about the year and was filled with an immense sense of gratitude. I try to always take a moment each day and be grateful, be it for a great work day, the weather, my family – even such small things as a beautiful sunset, the sighting of deer on my way home, a great book, a great sentence, an unexpected call from a friend.