Privilege, Racial Equity & Family

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. My original plan was to share my story of life during those early days of the pandemic, but I quickly realized my privilege and once I did, my story was no longer important. I work for a foundation that invests money and resources into organizations and coalitions … Continue reading Privilege, Racial Equity & Family

Born to Lead – One Community at a Time

I spent Friday, September 14 at a conference, but this was not just any conference. It was missing the usual suspects: overly gregarious men in suits talking loudly into microphones; PowerPoints filled with statistics and twenty-year-old best practices; obligatory deli sandwiches or plated chicken; and the constant checking of time because surely, it’s almost over … Continue reading Born to Lead – One Community at a Time

Kansas Shine – at Kansas Women Bloggers

My third post at Kansas Women Bloggers focuses on our sometimes learned love of this state we call home, Kansas. There is something about Kansas and Kansans. Kansas skies can be endless blues of possibility, lowered grays of frost-tipped resilience, or furrowed blacks of trepidation. And at night, well, there is no description worthy of a Kansas sky filled with … Continue reading Kansas Shine – at Kansas Women Bloggers

Kansas Women Bloggers – This Little Light of Mine

Throughout the month of July, I will be the featured blogger for Kansas Women Bloggers. KSWB's mission is to Gather, Grow, and Connect women throughout the state of Kansas. I truly appreciate organizations and individuals who promote the creativity of women in our community, especially with the intent to strengthen and empower. I'm truly excited … Continue reading Kansas Women Bloggers – This Little Light of Mine

Paradise is in Belle Plaine, Kansas

I have fallen in love with one of the most beautiful places in Kansas. I'd heard of its beauty, its mystery blossoming behind a rusted gate and stone walls, a slice of Eden nestled in Belle Plaine. But, I'd failed to visit even though the wonderful Robin Macy, an original Dixie Chick, has created the … Continue reading Paradise is in Belle Plaine, Kansas

If April showers bring May snow, what will May snow bring?

Tuesday, I was sipping on this: It was sunny all day, the warm breeze providing a hint of mid-June, and with the work week off to a shaky, broken-heel kind of start, I needed a refreshing, cold, slightly sour alcoholic beverage. This was not a beer or wine kind of evening, this was a give-me-brain-freeze-and-pretend-I'm-on-vacation-in-Mexico … Continue reading If April showers bring May snow, what will May snow bring?

A little reminder

Actually, quite a few good-sized reminders. Just when we began to envision the trees blooming with fall colors, feel a hint of crisp air at night, prepare for the chill of autumn evenings and mornings...Mother Nature decided to slap us with a little reminder. She rules this earth. She is the Mother. And don't forget … Continue reading A little reminder