Harriet’s Flowers

Harriet J. Graham was an incredible woman. In 1964, she was the first female elected to the Kansas State Legislature from Sedgwick County. The lone female in the house, she served on the committees for Roads and Highways, Education, and Welfare. But when the chairman of the tax committee¬†blocked her from serving, stating "women don't … Continue reading Harriet’s Flowers

A place where there isn’t any trouble

That is what Dorothy asked of Toto in her black and white Kansas. She was searching for the perfect place, beyond the moon, beyond the rain. When I was eighteen, I thought such a place existed. A place outside of Kansas. Born and raised in Wichita, I was the typical teen, always searching, always dreaming, … Continue reading A place where there isn’t any trouble

Birthdays, babies, and monsoon season

The gutters are again gushing with rain overflow. These recent downpours remind me of visiting my Auntie Blanche and Uncle Otis in Arizona as a child. It seems we always scheduled our vacation during their monsoon season. The storms were fast-moving and torrential. In between the onslaught of rain we would play miniature¬†golf, soak in … Continue reading Birthdays, babies, and monsoon season