A little reminder

Actually, quite a few good-sized reminders. Just when we began to envision the trees blooming with fall colors, feel a hint of crisp air at night, prepare for the chill of autumn evenings and mornings…Mother Nature decided to slap us with a little reminder. She rules this earth. She is the Mother. And don’t forget it.

I don’t blame Her for being ticked. After all, we continue to pollute her skies, thicken her air, and poison her seas. We build mountains of trash, waste gallons of water, and take all she has given us for granted.

So she decided to remind us just who is Queen. She set her path and let fall nuggets of vengeance. Many of which rocketed through our roof. 20 to be exact. And smashed guttering and vehicles.

As they say, hell hath no fury. Especially when we’re talking about the Mother.

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