The NoMar Theater: the ghosts of our past, the hopes of our future

Near the corner of 21st and North Market Street squats an empty theater. Faded and neglected but not quite defeated, the NoMar Theater, along with the neighborhood surrounding her, has sat in wait – sometimes patiently, sometimes not. The NoMar is the centerpiece of Wichita’s North End, the historically Hispanic neighborhood, and depending on who … Continue reading The NoMar Theater: the ghosts of our past, the hopes of our future

Born to Lead – One Community at a Time

I spent Friday, September 14 at a conference, but this was not just any conference. It was missing the usual suspects: overly gregarious men in suits talking loudly into microphones; PowerPoints filled with statistics and twenty-year-old best practices; obligatory deli sandwiches or plated chicken; and the constant checking of time because surely, it’s almost over … Continue reading Born to Lead – One Community at a Time

My List of Grateful

This morning, while drinking coffee and bemoaning the coverage of the Thanksgiving Day parade (more floats, less guests!), I decided to fill one sheet of paper with what and whom I am most grateful. I could have filled more sheets, but since I need to getting prepping on that turkey, I limited myself to one. … Continue reading My List of Grateful

A Holiday from Social Media

My favorite time of year is upon us. I rejoice the first day of fall, knowing long, hot days are at an end and the leaves will begin to turn to gold before covering the ground, the first earth blanket before the snows. And, my favorite trilogy of holidays approaches with autumn equinox: Halloween, Thanksgiving … Continue reading A Holiday from Social Media

No Place Like Local

I was a little ambitious when I thought I would post on a semi-daily basis regarding all Wichita has to offer when it comes to local businesses. My excuse is that I was so busy experiencing this abundance of goodness, I didn’t have time to write! But, since I’ve promised many family, friends, and even … Continue reading No Place Like Local

Day #32 (Saturday) of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Local Artwork

I don't consider myself a connoisseur of art, I just know what I like. I'm drawn to vivid color, depth, and skulls, with an occasional lean towards whimsy and a guilty pleasure of seascapes. I'm especially supportive of local artists. Wichita has an exceptional art community. From the highly trained to the self-taught, from oils … Continue reading Day #32 (Saturday) of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Local Artwork