Day #32 (Saturday) of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Local Artwork

I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of art, I just know what I like. I’m drawn to vivid color, depth, and skulls, with an occasional lean towards whimsy and a guilty pleasure of seascapes. I’m especially supportive of local artists. Wichita has an exceptional art community. From the highly trained to the self-taught, from oils on canvas, to spray painted murals, the talent is vast and the artwork is broad.

On Saturday, I brought home a new piece by Jaki McElroy. Her fascination with skulls and Dia de los Muertos and her use of color are bold and calculated. My interest in this piece was immediate. I feel such pride knowing I am supporting our local artists, as they are a significant piece in the puzzle of success in a community. Without art, there is no passion. Every community needs and deserves passion.

New Art

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