Bears, Patriots and sissy stadiums

I've often grumbled about not being able to see enough of my Bears games televised locally. It gets expensive going to bars to cheer for my blue and orange. But imagine my surprise when I discovered today's game, Bears vs Patriots, was not listed. Are you freaking kidding me? The Bears/Patriots game is considered the … Continue reading Bears, Patriots and sissy stadiums

A QB with a split personality, an Indian, and a Rose

The sides served with a Chicago-style hot dog during the post-Thanksgiving weekend. It's Sunday. The Bears play the Eagles in exactly three hours and sixteen minutes at Soldier Field. I'll be tuning in via my computer, since our local Wichita station chooses to show the Tampa Bay/Baltimore game. Yeah, I'm sure those are regional games... So while most of … Continue reading A QB with a split personality, an Indian, and a Rose

Mi Madre loves football

My mother is the one who introduced me to football. During my childhood and football season, Sunday's took on a whole new meaning. We would forego the Sunday morning eight o'clock Mass for Saturday evening at six,  so mom could get up early on Sunday to have dinner prepared by kick-off. At exactly noon, she'd have her soda, … Continue reading Mi Madre loves football