And fall truly begins

Yes, the air is crisp and cool. Windows are open. Sweatshirts are donned. And you can hear the collide of helmets and pads. The cheering and singing from the stands. This is football season.

And how is my football season? My Monsters of the Midway are 3-0. Top of the NFC north. And who did they beat to get there? The Packers. I’ve said every season that the Bears can go 2-14, so long as those two wins are against the Green Bay Packers. You cannot be a devoted Bears fan and not hate the Pack. It’s in the blood. As soon as you commit to wear the blue and orange, you despise the green and gold. I won’t even cheer for the local Catholic high school, Bishop Carroll, because they wear Green Bay colors. And I have relatives who coach and play for BC.

Was I nervous Monday night? Sure. The Bears record for Monday Night Football is 18-33.  That is 29th in the 32-team NFL. Not good. Plus, whenever they wear throwback jerseys, they get demolished. But last night was different. The jerseys were in honor of the original Monsters of the Midway from the 1940s. And this team is showing hints of that fierceness which created the title: Monsters of the Midway.

Is this team a true grit and heart team of the Sid Luckman and George Halas Days? Or the brutal  in-your-face, black-n-blue team of 1985? Maybe not. Not yet. But it is showing signs. Urlacher is healthy. And Peppers is scary. And with the danger of Hester and Manning, plus the increasing confidence of a QB with an arm, I feel a great football season ahead.

And to begin the evening on a perfect note last night, I was able to watch the Boys of Fall documentary. If you are a player or coach, or a former player or coach, or just a die-hard football fan, this documentary is a must. Even if you’re not, my husband will testify this one hour video moves you. Makes you wish you’d played the game.

The footage and the interviews bring back memories of Friday night football games. I never missed them. My first few years, I played piccolo in the marching band, so I never missed a home game. But I never missed away games, either. My junior and senior year, I quit marching band, mostly due to the itchy, outdated uniforms, but also so I could get to the game when I wanted and not be interrupted following a touchdown with having to play War Cry (although, to this day the sound of War Cry gives me goosebumps).

I’ve loved it all. Laker football. North High Redskin football. The waning years of Shocker football. Notre Dame football. And the best for last, Chicago Bears football.

Chesney’s documentary touches on all of this and more. So if you get the opportunity, sit back and relive. Be inspired. Be proud. Be nostalgic. And on a side note, Sean Payton’s hometown high school, Naperville Central, home of the Redhawks, was the school just a half block from my apartment when I lived in Naperville, Il. I used to watch them practice from my balcony in their red and white practice uniforms. Same color as my own high school alma mater.

So until you can watch the documentary, here’s the video. I’m not a Chesney fan. Nor a country and western music follower. But his song and video have touched my heart. Enjoy.

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