Day #36 and 37: This Man

Today, we celebrate our 15th anniversary. It’s been 20 years since we met on a blind date. I was 16 when I announced to my parents I was never getting married or having children. This man changed my mind:

10 hrs · Edited ·Facebook


“Once upon a time there was a very sad and overwhelmed man. A man lost. The people and family in his small village cared for him yet he was very lonely and terrified of what the future held for him. He had a castle to keep. In this castle were three princes but he felt he was not the King. His heart was black, his spirit dulled. Then, from a land not so very far away, a princess arrived. She was not on a shimmering white stallion. She did not bring tangible trinkets and treasures. This princess did not require such things. She brought the gifts of compassion and love. The Kingdom from which she came was much different than his but this did not matter to the princess. She could see a tiny light deep within the dungeon in a far off moldy corner of his soul and proceeded to light her lantern and venture deep into this dark place. She was patient, caring and loving. Eventually, the man began to creep from the darkness to stand in the sunshine once again. His soul soared again, his heart felt as if it may burst with the happiness she had brought to him. He could not have achieved this without the love of the princess. The newly restored King made the princess his Queen and they lived happily ever after.

Happy 15th anniversary my QUEEN Natalie! I love you more than all the riches of all Kingdoms.”

Wouldn’t it change yours? I came home to candles lit all through the house, steaks on the grill, red wine, and jazz on the stereo.  I’m the luckiest Queen on this planet.

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