Day #35 of Wild and Exciting Little Things: I Voted

I was home ill on election day. Luckily, I’d taken advantage of advanced voting. Cuddled in bed, body cramping with body aches, I perused Facebook and noted all of the I Voted stickers. No matter the political party, I was glad to see my newsfeed filled with photos of I Voted stickers on noses, foreheads, lapels, hands, even Roxie the cat.

I admit I did not cast my first vote until I was 26 years old. It was 1992 and I voted for Bill Clinton. I was not a registered Democrat and I am not a registered Democrat, now. I am unaffiliated, as I cast my vote based on the individual I believe will best serve the people as a whole. I don’t vote based on my religious beliefs or because I was raised to vote a specific way. I research the candidates, wade through the bullshit, and place my confidence in the individual I feel speaks for me and those I love.

Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. But, I rest easy knowing I made a choice and stood by that choice. In this day of media overload, the messages have become muddled and misleading, and opinions overstated and considered truths. I can see where it would be easy to become discouraged, to give up. But, while the voter turnout is low and we must find a way to engage younger voters,  I’m still proud to see so many of my family and friends exercising their right to vote. Every two years, say it loud, wear it proud, I Voted.

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