Baseball season: a love/hate relationship

This post should be short and sweet, unlike baseball season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying learning even more about players and other teams through my fantasy baseball league (still hanging in there in third place), and who knew the MLB network could be so informational, but alas, I am a Cubs fan.

I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to say. Those two simple words should explain it all: Cubs fan.  But after a weekend of back-to-back game-winning homers by Pujols, Zambrano’s post-game explosion (not shocked, not at all)  and the ensuing brouhaha, I’m again reminded why I usually don’t follow the season too closely until the pennant races truly begin. It’s just too painful. And I don’t see this pain subsiding anytime soon.

But I still  love the Cubs. I love Wrigley Field. I love the history, well, maybe minus the goat and the post-season meltdowns, but I remain, dare I say it, hopeful. So I will weather the storm, as will many Cubs fans because it’s what we do best as we wait for football season (obviously, I’m in lock-out denial), because just think how sweet it will be when it finally happens. Holy cow.

And while I guiltily follow the Giants (I consider it  justifiable with a former Shocker, Conor Gillaspie, being called up), I’ll dream of more than just  runs within the Friendly Confines. Much more.

Saints Brickhouse, Caray and Santos, hear our prayer.


One thought on “Baseball season: a love/hate relationship

  1. Ah dear Natalie! The patron saint of lost causes! Lets’ face it. If it wasn’t for bad luck, the Cubs would have no luck at all. While appealing to the Saints Brickhouse, Caray and Santos for good luck is a nice start, let’s face it you’re going to have to cover your bases a bit more (no pun intended).

    What we are dealing with here is some very bad jewe – jewe. I mean almost biblical evil jewe-jewe. Time I think, to start fighting fire with fire. On the heels of national Zombie appreciation month (May) I did a little research on dealing with Zombies, bad Karma, etc. and logically this research took me to good old Haiti via New Orleans. The answer? Time for Voodoo! will guide you step by step through the process! My recommendation is a goat with the head of Steve Bartman or maybe a goat whose ass is the head of Steve Bartman. I know reaching to the black arts goes against ever cell in your good Catholic body, but HEY! It worked for all those Catholic Boston Red Shocks fans. Haven’t seen fire and brimstone raining down on the yet! Well I guess it may be hard to tell because they do live in Boston. Anyhow, just some helpful suggestions.


    PS: What is my obsession lately with Zombies? I am a banker. Every Tuesday I face a conference room full of them. It’s called loan committee!


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