Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

(said in that echoing radio voice)

Today is the official first Sunday of football. I have my queso, popcorn, and beer at hand.  Later, we’ll be grilling flat-iron steaks.

And I’ll be wearing blue and orange. I have a section in my closet reserved for my favorite teams. There’s a small black and red area of Bulls stuff. A larger area for the blue and orange., which consists of Bears and Fighting Illini gear. And an even larger area for the black and gold. Everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts, to sweatpants to ponchos. Yes, ponchos. I own a Bears poncho that Brad bought from a street vendor in Puerto Vallarta. He wore it during the 2006 Super Bowl game.

That’s me, Brad, and my sis, Shirley.

There’s no shortage of team spirit in this house. I wear my loyalties on my sleeve, and head, and legs, around my neck, my feet…

Let the madness begin.

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