Today is NFL kick-off day. In my book, a holiday. If it were up to me, the entire nation would take the day off tomorrow. The opening day of the NFL season is one of my favorite days.

But one other favorite holiday arrives shortly after Kick-off day. And that is Halloween. I love Halloween. Brad and I have two wardrobes full of costumes from previous Halloween parties, but that’s a whole other post. And then some.

One year, I decided to combine my favorite holiday with my favorite season. So Brad and I dressed as Soldier Field and the Beer Guy.

Of course, I was Soldier Field complete with a goal post on my hat with a picture of the actual scoreboard at Soldier Field, a field board complete with tiny Bears football players, and a tape player in my pocket that when needed would play the Bears Fight Song. Brad made a great beer guy and even carried a tray of Budweiser’s which were actually plastic Bud cups filled with some sort of insulation foam.

And as a Bears fan, I loved the fact I can state that anyone can go as a Mike Ditka, or the Refrigerator Perry. But not everyone, or anyone, can go as Soldier Field.

Who’s a Bears fan?

Me. That’s who.

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