Inspired, yet uninspired

Not sure how that happens. To be inspired. Yet, uninspired. I’ve been inspired by many things as of late. By the crazy rain storm that positioned itself last week directly over our house. While it poured for an hour in our neighborhood, most of Wichita experienced only droplets of rain. Then the temperature dropped 20 degrees. It was beyond wonderful after 100+ degree weather.  My inspiration? I put on jeans to go out for dinner. Jeans.

Then there was the excitement of this band in town.

I’m still not sure what was more fun. The Dave sightings throughout Wichita (“just saw Dave’s bus in front of The Hyatt…Dave’s at The Anchor…), the pre and post parties, or the concert itself.  All of it made for an exciting and inspiring 24 hours. I giggled in search of Mr. Matthews and his band, I smiled and enjoyed the company of family and friends, and I danced.

Then there was the Sunday of bicycle riding with family. An entire day spent on bikes along the river, outrunning a storm, spending a few hours in Merle’s watching the downpour while hogging the jukebox and drinking cold beer, then riding again but with the temperature a crisp 15 degrees lower. As is common with our bike rides, we gathered friends along the way. And at one point I gazed across the patio at my family and friends, our bicycles parked haphazardly along the patio railing, and I was overwhelmed with the simple joy of it all.

And on Tuesday..

Yes, Norah Jones. We sat in the fourth row, on the aisle, with friends who had shared the DMB experience and were continuing the musical ride. The stage was blue-dark, lounge-campy, and a perfect setting for a perfect performance. You could almost smell and see the wisps of cigarette smoke in the stage lights and hear the clink of Martini glasses. Norah’s voice was ethereal at times, bold at others, always Norah. The band was amazing. Amazing.  And as we streamed out into the humid evening, I felt pity for those who missed such a show, and inspired that from this moment forward I would not miss out on such experiences.

And yet, I’m uninspired to write. Writing has taken a back seat to the day-to-day experiences of what is my life without classes.  Life without classes, research, book lists, workshops, presentations. Just life. Life with family, friends, music, deck lounging, wine sipping, beer drinking, bike riding, movie watching, book reading, coffee breaking, dog walking, dog blogging, Facebooking, lunch dating, nap taking, game watching  life.

With this, I am inspired.

One thought on “Inspired, yet uninspired

  1. you know what i can’t help thinking?? first comes living & experiencing & finding inspiration in daily life … and then comes writing. were it not for the former, the latter would have no substance. i think you’re just fine and you’re filling the coffers!! Busily filling the coffers. Who says you have to write cohesive sentences right now? scribble words and phrases on napkins and opened envelopes and on the back of receipts and on scraps of paper and take all of them and toss ’em in a box. When it’s time to “write” in the way you think of writing, that unmistakable feeling will settle into your bones and you’ll have all these words/phrases and touches of life experience to draw from. I say Keep on Keeping on!!


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