Red Swan Diaries is temporarily off the air

And I was afraid I’d become a weekly blogger. More like bi-weekly, soon to be monthly. Quarterly at this rate. I thought I’d have more time to write and read once I graduated. I was so wrong. I’m not sure where the day goes, but before I know it the National Anthem is playing and the screen turns to this:

Actually, this should be my post between posts. And if you have no idea what this is, you are obviously much younger than I. It’s called a test pattern. This is what came on the screen after the television programs were finished, the National Anthem played and there was dead air. Yes, television used to go off the air. Shocking, I know. I kind of miss it. It used to be a challenge to stay up until the test pattern or the snow covered the screen. And you could rest peacefully knowing you weren’t missing anything. What is snow? That was the fuzzy, black and white blizzard accompanied by a soft shhhusshh sound. Somewhat comforting. At least for us old folks.

So until I can get myself on a schedule, much like a class schedule, complete with time for writing, blogging, reading…

This is Red Swan Diaries signing off.

One thought on “Red Swan Diaries is temporarily off the air

  1. First of all, this was a great post. I soooo remember waiting for TV to “end.” It usually made me a little sad.

    But now that you’ve declared to the world that you’re not going to write, you’re going to want to write.

    It works like that. Exactly that.

    Can’t wait to read ’em!


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