A little reminder

Actually, quite a few good-sized reminders. Just when we began to envision the trees blooming with fall colors, feel a hint of crisp air at night, prepare for the chill of autumn evenings and mornings...Mother Nature decided to slap us with a little reminder. She rules this earth. She is the Mother. And don't forget … Continue reading A little reminder

Harriet’s Flowers

Harriet J. Graham was an incredible woman. In 1964, she was the first female elected to the Kansas State Legislature from Sedgwick County. The lone female in the house, she served on the committees for Roads and Highways, Education, and Welfare. But when the chairman of the tax committee blocked her from serving, stating "women don't … Continue reading Harriet’s Flowers

Spiders, window wells and Mother Ocean

My office at work is located in what we like to call the "Garden Level." It's the basement, although a nice, recently renovated basement complete with painted window wells. More accurately, golf course inspired murals adorn the once gray walls of our window wells. They were painted by a former WSU art student who now owns … Continue reading Spiders, window wells and Mother Ocean