Day 4: Tele-working in a time of COVID-19 and the therapy of cleaning.

Monday arrived in not its usual fashion, but I’m trying to create a new schedule. I’m a list-making-keep-to-a-schedule kinda gal. I thrive on organization and consistency. How I’m not a basket case in today’s world is beyond me, especially now.

I’ve yet to find the perfect work schedule but I keep reminding myself it’s only day four. And, I did make it through the weekend. My husband took off for the hills of Missouri for some social distancing with his brother and a few guests, which was fine because it allowed me some time for my usual cleaning therapy session. I don’t only clean when experiencing anxiety, but it is my go-to when I’m feeling off balance. Pick a room. Tear it down. Clean. Rearrange. Pick a new room.

I chose the Zen room since I’d recently made it into my work space. I just wasn’t feeling comfortable. If I’m going to be spending nearly eight hours a day in that space, it’s got to feel right. I started by emptying my bookshelves and downsizing my collection to donate to Friends of Wichita Public Library when the library reopens. Cleaning helps me not think – I focus on the task, stand in the middle of the room and visualize where to move a bookcase, where to rehang a picture or if I should buy a new lamp. All my worries go into transforming and cleansing the environment in front of me. It’s good therapy, sometimes not the cheapest (I did order a new swag lamp), but the best for me.

The room is definitely more comfortable, better organized and truly Zen. It took me both Saturday and Sunday to complete since I took a part a bookcase to shorten the height, moved my desk, rearranged shelves and power cleaned. I’m loving it.

Other than cleaning, my first weekend in the time of COVID-19 included watching Doctor Zhivago, a movie from my “Never Seen” movie list. It was an enjoyable movie and exactly as I’d always imagined it would be, except that Omar Shariff reminded me of Freddie Mercury. I kept picturing him in a crown and red velvet cape or white tank top. I also took Beatrice for another drive, this time through the farm fields to say hello to the cows and breathe in the soil-rich air. Oh, and I signed up for a free online class offered by Yale – The Science of Well-Being. The nerd in me just couldn’t pass up taking a free class from Yale University. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Suddenly, it was Monday. It was a long workday filled with multiple Zoom meetings, both audio only and video. I did manage to lighten up the mood by changing my virtual background to Wrigley Field. Tomorrow, it will be the Chicago River. Maybe Wednesday, Soldier Field. Thursday, Koch Arena filled with Shocker fans. Friday, maybe the mountains. It gives me something to add to that daily schedule I’m trying to create. I hope it helps. Because as I type this, I just realized it’s Tuesday. Somehow, I missed an entire day and I think it’s because I chose not to write over the weekend. Maybe I just need to post every day, whether it’s exciting stuff or not. If anything, I hope I’ll go back and read these posts to better understand how we all navigated these uncharted waters.

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