Day #17, 18 & 19 of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Bicycles, birthdays and film

While I was completely immersed in the Tallgrass Film Festival and did not have time for my daily posts, I remained aware of the little and not-so-little things throughout the weekend.

Day #17: bicycles

My husband and I love our bicycles. Purchased from garage sales or found discarded alongside dumpsters, we cherish time riding the bike paths of Wichita on our coasters. During the film festival, we utilized our bikes to get us from venue to venue, from the Scottish Rite Center to the Wichita Art Museum and back to the Orpheum Theater. The bicycles were not only convenient, they truly added to each day, giving us time in the sun and the opportunity to act like kids as we pedaled furiously to make the green lights or zoomed downhill near the river. On any given Thursday, we can meet other bicycle enthusiasts and raise a pint at the Shamrock prior to group riding to the Keeper of the Plains or through Old Town. A bicycle is more than exercise; it is a link to the freedoms of childhood.

our bikesDay #18: birthdays

Saturday was my husband’s birthday. While I’ve nothing against my own birthday, I’m not a big celebrator. And, it’s not due to any fear of aging, as I’m good with getting older. I believe the old adage, “with age comes wisdom.” But, I also believe with age comes experience, equity and confidence. I find as I grow older, I grow stronger in heart and mind.

So, when it comes to birthdays, I enjoy providing or adding to the celebration, especially for my husband. All day, it’s his choice. Plus, I try to surprise him with a gift, usually related to VWs, tie dye, or music. I celebrate in his celebration, as birthdays should be.

Day #19: Films

Once again, the Tallgrass Film Association has given Wichita and Wichitans a festival to be truly proud. This year, we viewed 11 films (those with links, I highly recommend):

  1. Life Itself
  2. Johnny Winter: Down and Dirty
  3. Gone Doggy Gone
  4. Brave New Wild
  5. The Brio: A collection of animated shorts
  6. Stray Dog
  7. Yojimbo
  8. Keep on Keepin’ On
  9. Self Medicated: A film about art
  10. The Living
  11. Five Star

Along with the films, we attended three of the Gala Events, one VIP rooftop shindig, the Firkin Filmmaker Brunch, and in between films we made libation/snack pit stops at the VIP lounge at Candela at the Lux. Throughout the festival, we met up with friends, welcomed and chatted with visiting filmmakers and actors, and enjoyed one of the best events of the year. Again, if you have never attended the Tallgrass Film Festival, I encourage you to check it out. Plus, there are smaller events held throughout the year, including Dudefest (all things Big Lebowski), the outdoor movie held at the Wichita Art Museum and other singular showings to get your indie film fix. Tallgrass Film Association and TFF provide not only entertainment, they provide opportunity and education, spark passion and conversation; create partnerships and camaraderie, as well as a whole lot of fun.

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