Day #15 of Wild and Exciting Things: Just a little thing called Tallgrass Film Festival

Tallgrass Film Festival opened with the screening of Life Itself, a film that follows the journey of Roger Ebert. If you get a chance, you must see this film. Our evening began with the screening at the historical Orpheum Theater, included beers from Tallgrass Brewing Company (Zombie Monkey is excellent!) and was followed by the opening night party at the old Union Station.

During the Ebert film, we sat next to a visiting filmmaker, Anthony Grippa, whose film, Half Brother, will be screened on Saturday. Originally from New Jersey, he is now living in L.A. and this is his first time to Wichita, Kansas. We may have to rearrange our viewing schedule on Saturday to support his film.

And this is just the beginning. Welcome to a little thing called Tallgrass Film Festival, one of the best events of the year.


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