Day #6 of Wild and Exciting Little Things: More than just air guitar

My brother sent me his three-year-old son’s first music video. Less than two minutes in length, the video captures the little dude wildly strumming and twirling a green broom, while singing three words over and over, “Sing my song, sing my song, sing my song.” While the lyrics could use some work, he utilizes his voice impressively, taking his voice on a rollercoaster of ranges with each “lyric.” There is a rhythm to the song towards the end, just as he decides, “songs over.”

I loved it. But, there is more. My brother called me to share the inspiration behind his son’s budding music career. It seems the little dude was perusing his dad’s DVD collection when he came across one that seemed to capture him. He studied it, then walked over to his dad and asked who the man was on the cover. My brother took the DVD and told him, “That’s Kirk Rundstrom. Your Aunt Natalie knew him. He played in a band in Wichita.”

The little dude paused. “What is he doing on there?”  My brother answered, “Playing the guitar.”

A few minutes later, my nephew left the room and returned with the broom.

The DVD is Never Make it Home, the man is Kirk Rundstrom, a crazy character and talented musician I knew a lifetime ago, or so it seems. I think it’s a beautiful thing that his presence is still so large, it can inspire a three-year old boy to rowdily brandish a broom and sing his first composition. My nephew will never know Kirk, but he recognized the same bold, energetic spirit we all knew and loved and paid homage with a simple green broom.



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