Day #1 of Wildly Exciting Little Things: All a Gal Needs

Ironically, today was not about the little things. Something very major greeted us this first day of October. My niece had surgery this afternoon to correct a moderate cleft palate. She is just weeks from her first birthday. All went well, she is resting in the arms of her mother, our entire family has exhaled, and my mother has tucked her aged rosary beads into their tiny leather pouch. So far, all is good.

But, it was two little things that got me through the day.


This mug waits patiently at the back of our cupboard until the first of October. When I fill it with Italian Roast, I know that Halloween is weeks away, along with crisp nights, lots of orange, and the crunching of leaves. Ah, my favorite time of year. By the time I finished my cup this morning, I felt good about the day, positive about the surgery.

Then, there were these:


On my drive home, having received the message that Lexi was in recovery and her parents were on their way to her room to see and hold her, I immediately pictured my soft, comfy, leopard-print slippers. For a few moments before I began cooking dinner, I sat on the couch, my feet swathed in cushy warmth and thanked God, the heavens, Mother Earth, and all Good Spirits listening for the healthy recovery of that blessed little girl.

Some days, all a gal needs is her Halloween-themed coffee mug and leopard print slippers.


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