Our Bags are Packed: The Night Before

4:00 am will come very quickly, too quickly. We need to be at the airport around 5:30 and I have a feeling I won’t be getting a lot of sleep. My dad has already confessed as much. We’ll be like kids on Christmas Eve, tossing in our beds in anticipation for the next morning and what we will find under the tree. In this case, a whole lot of fun wrapped in black and gold.

While painstakingly folding my clothes and placing them in my suitcase, I came to the realization this would be an entire weekend of firsts. First trip on a charter, especially a charter filled with Shocker fans, first time in Atlanta, first time attending the Final Four…many firsts. But, first would be packing for a Final Four.


Yes, all black, yellow and gold. Dad packed his Shocker gear, too. Since we have to be at the airport so early, dad is staying with me, a kind of pre-flight slumber party that will include a cold beer, watching the NIT Championship game, and reading the itinerary over and over. We should arrive in Atlanta around 11:20 am, just in time for the open practice at the Georgia Dome.


We are officially Wichita State Travelers, another first. It will be tough getting a good nights sleep, especially the deep refueling sleep we will need for this busy weekend. I know I will find myself squinting at the clock well before the alarm sounds at 4:00, knowing my dad has spent a restless night in the guest room, both of us trying to imagine what awaits us in Atlanta.

It’s official, the bags are packed.


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