According to the Mayan calendar, the world as we know it will come to end on December 21, 2012. If that’s the case, I better watch and attend as many games as possible in the next 347 days.

And, if I do only have a little more than 11 months to overdose on college basketball, NFL playoffs, NBA, NHL, college baseball, MLB, the start to the 2012-13 NFL season and a few college basketball games next fall, I’m not sure I’m going to have much time to write about them. Obviously, I’m having a hard enough time finding the inspiration and an extra thirty minutes to post my thoughts, rants, and passions, as it is.  So, I’m considering canning the LtSaH blog because I carry enough Catholic guilt without having to add “I really need to post” to the mix.

I just wish the NFL season had ended on a higher note for me, and to be honest, I’m thinking of skipping the next season. After all, with the retention of Lovie Smith, the promoting of Mike Tice and what I predict will be a complete fiasco in the hiring of a GM whose hands will be completely tied upon entering the Bears organization, well…it’s just too depressing to even think about. Too bad we can’t move that Mayan date up a few months to September 21. Would save a lot of heartache.

Then again, if the world really is going to go up in flame on December 21, there are few things I’d like to do before we going spiraling into the sun.

1. See Soldier Field one more time.  I know I just ranted about skipping the NFL season, but if I were certain I’d never ever get another opportunity to go to my blue and orange Motherland, I’d do just about anything to sing the fight song among my die-hard Bears kin just once more.

2. Attend a post-season Cubs game. No, that was not a huge typo, I really mean post-season. I’m placing a lot of pressure on Epstein, as is every Cubs fan on the planet. Come to think of it, if the Cubs do make it the playoffs or World Series, that’s an even greater indication that the end is nigh.

3. MVC tournament with my dad. Come March 4, I’ll be able to mark this off the End-of-days Bucket List, since I bought tickets for the tourney and will be attending with my pops and my sister. I’ve been promising my dad for the past three years that we would go to St. Louis. While we’ve been to many NCAA regional games, we’ve never been to the Valley tournament, at least not together. I can’t wait.

4. Canton. I want to walk down 2121 George Halas Drive and visit the NFL football hall of fame. It will be the closest I will ever get to Papa Bear and the rest of those legendary men and the incredible history of the National Football League, even though I think most of the busts are scary and don’t look anything like our football heroes.

5. Double-header or Trifecta Sports Weekend. This would be one weekend where I can attend a football game, baseball game and one other sporting event all in one weekend. The ideal would be Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks, but I’d settle for Giants, 49ers and Sharks.

The list could be much longer and include following the Shockers on their NCAA tourney journey, meet Gale Sayers, see Rose and the Bulls bring a championship back to Chicago, but these are my top five. And if the Mayans are right, at least it will give me something more substantial to write about, other than my usual rantings. How I checked off my Doomsday Bucket List seems much more interesting than venting about Shocker fans who leave with 2:00 left in the game, not staying to cheer the guys as they head to the locker room after a win or loss

We’ll see.


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