A goat in Soldier Field, praying for field goals and pessimism in Shocker Nation.

Name three things that have caused me great irritation this past week.

1) It’s amazing what happens when the QB goes down. Caleb Hanie has struggled at the helm, but there is no excuse for the implosion that is the Chicago Bears. They’ve looked like a beginning-of-the-season team with all of their mistakes and penalties. Sure, Forte’s out, but isn’t Barber supposed to be a veteran? The only explanation for the o-line mistakes, defensive misfires and lack of special teams is that a goat is loose in Soldier Field, having escaped the friendly confines and made its way across town. Someone better call animal control or better yet,  an exorcist.

2) I’m a Christian, but I don’t go running around praising Jesus for everything from getting a front row parking space to receiving a raise. So I’m annoyed by all this “second coming” talk about Tim Tebow. I’m glad he’s secure in his relationship with God, but I don’t appreciate him “praying” for field goals. And I find it equally annoying his loyal fans have taken to his “prayer stance” and are imitating him in their time of need, like a shorter line at Starbucks. Praising God for touchdowns, home runs and other winning acts of sport has always bothered me. I could be wrong, but God has better things to do than put a pigskin through the uprights.  I can’t help but recall a verse from Matthew and hope Tebow’s truly happy with his field goal rosaries:  And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.

3) Success in Shocker Nation. The Shox destroyed UNLV, snatched a win at Tulsa, then beat Utah State and all in one week. Yet, there are those Shocker fans lamenting the sluggish first half of the Tulsa game and the slow-to-react second half against Utah State and questioning the playing time of guys on the bench. Have they learned nothing? While they are busy grousing over turnovers, free throws, and why the afro-Shox were never put in the game,  they are missing out on an exciting beginning to the season. I’m certain these are the same “fans” who thought the NIT bid last year was a waste, who kickingly and screamingly cheered the Shox on to victory just to remind everyone it was “only the NIT.” 

(Oh, the afro-Shox are the three curly-headed white dudes on the bench: Wessel, Vautrauvers, and Baker. And I call them the afro-
Shox affectionately, having seen photos of my husband’s own late ’70s-early ’80s brownish ‘fro, and sympathized with my stepsons over their own so-called “m-fros” and unruly locks”).

2 thoughts on “A goat in Soldier Field, praying for field goals and pessimism in Shocker Nation.

  1. I’ve never understood prayer in sport for reasons such as those. Don’t you think there are players/fans/media on the other side, praying that he misses the field goal? Praying for wins or actions on the field of play just goes beyond the realm of reason, in my mind.


  2. As a lifelong Chiefs’ fan, I by default learned to despise the Denver Broncos. Even living in Boulder for 12 years my family wore our Red & Gold proudly even in enemy territory. Given our friendship, I always (well except for the previous Sunday) root for the Bears. So it was with horror that I watched the total meltdown last Sunday. I even tried a reverse Tebow, much to the reticule of the “Donkey” fans in attendance at Larry Buds.

    I do have to admit to a certain fascination with Timothy Tebow from his days at Florida. I admired his dedication to his faith, and his missionary work both home and abroad but also his leadership (“this loss was my fault I promise it will not happen again”). In the name of truth, justice, and the American way I tend to gravitate towards the underdogs. From day one of the draft, the kid has been vilified by the national media as a complete waste as a QB draft pick. My favorites were the stones thrown by ESPN’s Hasselbeck. The Hasselbeck who had a 63.6 career passer rating. Even the GM John “Donkey Face” Elway was throwing the kid under the bus. What impressed me more than Tebow letting his play speak for him, the guys just never takes the bait from the press. He always classy.

    So where do I come down on the player Tim versus the Tebowing? I think I agree with Nat on the Tebowing. But Sunday afternoon this mental debate was pushed aside for my concern for my friend and those who live with her. Was Natalie’s head going to explode? Were Brad, Rigby, and Tripper cowering in some small crawl space in the house? Did the quick thinking Brad apprise the situation/mood and say; “Hey! We are out of milk! I am running to the Quick Trip…….in Albuquerque!”

    I reached for my Blackberry to reach out and touch someone and then thought the better of it. It was too soon, the wound too raw. So I waited. No e-mail. Wait some more. Not like Nat to be so quiet. Check this blog Monday morning. Crickets! Now the panic was boiling over! A 2012 version of Jonestown had taken place at the Olmsteds! The horror! Well I am glad to see your back…….now on to basketball


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