Suddenly, it’s November

It’s been so long since I’ve been to LTSAH that I forgot my cleverly cryptic password. Not only could I not remember the password, I couldn’t remember where I wrote it down for such an emergency. What can I say? Time flies. Guess I better give the memory a stretch. A nice little jog can’t hurt.

World Series: I picked the Detroit Tigers, but ended up cheering for the Rangers. It’s not that I’m a Rangers fan, I’m a Brad Holman fan. I’ve known Brad and his wife, Stephanie,  since high school and as he is employed by the Rangers organization, I chose to cheer his team. It was tough, considering I cheered for the Giants last year, but I felt I owed it to Holman this season. Obviously, it did not go well. I did manage to watch one of the most incredible nights in baseball: Game 6. If you watched, you understand and will always remember. If you missed it, you missed it.

Missing baseball: I never thought I’d say this in the middle of NFL season and just as college basketball is about to begin, but I wish it was baseball season. Three reasons: 3) fantasy baseball 2) everything SFGiants 3) Theo Epstein

King Theo: Came in. Cleaned house. Cubs fans will find it difficult to wait until April. Anticipation will be a warm but itchy blanket this winter.

NFL: Started a fantasy football league for women. I recruited nine ladies, four who had absolutely no experience or knowledge of the game. It’s been interesting. The gal with the least amount of experience has beaten me twice, two of her only three wins. I’m not taking it well, I admit. 4-5 was not what I imagined.

Da Bears: Fierce opening followed by disaster. In Urlacher’s words, “We stink.” Seems I remember hearing that phrase before…maybe a clubhouse…maybe at Wrigley? But the Bears rallied, fearing both Urlacher and the label. The Bears are 5-3 and Cutler actually made it through an entire game, a Monday night game, without being slammed to the ground. No sacks. Next up, revenge against those over-confident Lions.

Shockers: The season officially opens Sunday. In the exhibition game against Emporia State, the Shox looked a little shaky the first half, as can be expected. But, the second half they came out dominant on defense and confident on offense. Carl Hall has been labeled a beast and our veterans looked like veterans. Plus, our freshman impressed me with their total lack of fear when it came to shooting and their shot selection was good. Only one bad shot from the bunch. Vitale picks us in the top 35, SI in the top 40. If you are a Shocker fan, I highly recommend following Shocker Hoops, both the site and Twitter. Great info. Good stuff. Let the madness begin.

Me: I started  a new job and in the process of applying, interviewing and making the transition, everything else got pushed to the wayside. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post regularly, especially since I have some photos from a Bears game to post, courtesy of Mike the Ultimate Bears Fan. And, it’s hoops season which is always the most wonderful time of the year. With visions of the NIT Championship still dancing in our heads, it will be tough not to pack a bag early for the Promised Land.

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