Now trending: the letter D

Derrick, Dirk, Dwyane and Durant. Okay, so Durant’s first name is Kevin but that doesn’t work with my current musings.

Four teams, four leaders, all names with the letter D. Interesting, to say the least.

So what’s in a name?

Durant: firm;  Derrick: ruler of people; Dirk: famous ruler; Dwyane: from the wagon maker.

From the wagon maker? Or wainwright, which is still “one who builds or repairs wagons.” And if you go with the Irish history of the name, it just means “dark.” Sounding a little bleak for D-Wade.

And firm? Having a solid, unyielding surface or structure.  Doesn’t sound too promising for Kevin D.

Not normally one who looks for signs, I think I’ll go with the NBA finals being led by two teams, each with their respective leaders:

 A ruler of people and a famous ruler.

It’s almost game time and these are my thoughts.

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