Random Tuesday (Turgeon, superstitions, Mob Wives and zombies)

Random #1: I already tweeted about this earlier, but I’m still having a hard time with Mark Turgeon being the head coach for Terps basketball. Turgeon and Maryland, Turgeon and Maryland…no matter how many times I say or type, it just doesn’t fit. Gary Williams has some mighty big shoes to fill according to Terrapin Nation and from what I remember watching the Turgeonator during Shocker basketball games, he’s got little feet.

I realize he is 97-40 in four seasons with A&M and he took my beloved Shox all the way to the Sweet Sixteen in 2006, but Maryland? I had no issues with Turgeon leaving the MVC for the Big 12, none at all, but the Big 12 for the ACC? If anything, I figured he’d hang in the Big 12 until the coaching job at KU was available and I could live with that because I don’t think there’s a coach on this planet who wouldn’t give everything to coach for their alma mater. But the ACC? Fear the turtle? I’m just not buying it.

Random thought#2: I’m wearing my new “See Red” t-shirt tonight for the playoff game. My parents bought the shirt in Illinois while visiting my sis and family, which makes it that much more awesome.  But if the Bulls lose this series, my superstitions will prevail and I’m sure the shirt will end up in some ceremonial fire. Don’t tell my mom.

Random thought #3. While I think the series is completely scripted, the Mob Wives scare me a little. Not that I think they’ll hunt me down and hurt me, although one did make this statement: “I won’t pool yor haira, I won’t scratch yor face, I will hit ya and ya will need stitches and an amboolance is gonna come.”  Nice. I want to party with that gal. Anyway, it’s not the threatening behavior or the fact all of the husbands are in prison, it’s the physicality of these women, their hair, their makeup, their clothing, and their accents so heavy their like an extra accessory. Scarin’ me.

Random thought #4.  Scott Ochs had this response to my Cinco de Mayo posting:

  1. Scott Ochs | May 9, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Perhaps a strategy would be to use your prowess in blogging to shift the national obsession with Cinco de Mayo to National Zombie Appreciation Month which is May. Seriously, check it out. The beer companies would win since it would stretch a one day holiday to a 31 day holiday.
    Not quite sure what the official cuisine of Zombies (ie: their neighbors) would have on the project. Would Zombies take the time to dice us up for chile rellenos?

 My reply: While I’m sure the beer industry would love to jump on the bandwagon, or funeral wagon, of a 31-day excuse to sell lots and lots of beer, I don’t think the zombies would be too appreciative. After all, they already get a pretty bad rap for eating humans, so I’m sure having a bunch of drunk people dressed in bloodied and ragged clothing with their faces painted a grayish-white would really piss them off. I know I’d be irritated if I were one of the living dead. I can see it now, a big parade of belligerent and intoxicated humans stumbling down Douglas Street in the Delano District, decked in their living dead garb,  snatching up parade-goers and ripping off their arms, biting their heads, then heading to the local bars for Bloody Marys and Dead Guy Ales. Wait…maybe you’re on to something.

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