Latino Writers Collective: Mentors deserving of success

The Latino Writers Collective  is a group of Latino writers based in the Kansas City area. They are an amazing, talented, and ambitious group of artists. I had the incredible fortune of joining their collective, albeit from afar, a few years ago. While I’m not able to attend many events, workshops, or exhibits, this group of my peers continues to inspire me through their dedication, their passion, their writing, their art, and their crazy but wonderful emails!

The month of April brought deserving success to two of the leaders of this fine group. I can think of no other two people more deserving of recognition. These two have worked hard, fought many battles, persevered, and through it all continued (and continue) to create beautiful works of art, poetry, and prose.

Jose Faus is a painter, a poet, writer, creator. And he is the winner of the 2011 Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award for Kansas writers. He will receive an all-expense paid trip to NYC to meet with editors, literary agents, writers, and give a public reading.

Linda Rodriguez is a poet, writer, activist, creator. And her novel, Every Secret Thing, won the St. Martin/Malice Domestic Award for Traditional First Mystery Novel. Her book will be published by St. Martin’s Press and will be released in hardcover next spring.

I can’t begin to express how thrilled I am for these two wonderful people. As they travel this new path on their journey, they will continue to inspire not only by their accomplishments, but by their example.

Congratulations, Jose and Linda. This is only the beginning.

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