Not-so-friendly confines

I love going to Shocker baseball games. I especially love watching Shocker baseball games from “The Hill.” And I especially, especially love watching Shocker baseball games from the hill, with my friends, and a cooler full of beer.

What I don’t like are over-zealous volunteer security guards. If a faded red “security” t-shirt goes to their heads, I can’t imagine what a real badge might do. I understand there are rules to enforce and I understand the probability of a few idiots ruining the day for the rest of us, as has happened in the recent past. I also recognize a day of baseball, sun, beer, and testosterone sometimes don’t mix, as well as the best-intention frat gatherings under the Coleman pavilion. But rudeness and arrogance?

I’ve waited a few days to post my disappointment in a few of the individuals who were posing as security guards at Eck Stadium. After all, we had a great afternoon and the Shox won 11-1.  We were not about to let a few delusional men ruin our afternoon. Not entirely.

But what keeps coming to mind is the checking of water bottles, coolers, and  the rudeness in which fans were asked to open bags, jackets, and baby carriers. I’m not used to such forcefulness when entering the green gates leading to the grassy hill. And I’m really not used to “security guards” sweeping the hill, yelling at fans to keep off the sidewalk or at the close of the game barking for everyone to “pack it up and get out.” Technically, we paid for nine innings. It’s not our fault the Shox run-ruled Evansville, so give us a break. Give us time to break down our grills, pick up our trash, fold our chairs, and grab our empty coolers.

The only excuse I could come up with was maybe these few were not privy to leftovers. Our group usually cooks enough food to feed half the hill, so we usually make plates for the security closest to our location, as well as other fans. Just ask the young volunteer who scored a plate filled with brats and hot dogs. So maybe these pompous few were just hungry and angry they were not given a goodie bag of Hill cuisine.

What I do know is their offensiveness turned off quite a few fans. You could hear grumblings all the way through the parking lot, which was surprising considering we won the game.

We’ll be back on the hill in a few weeks. My hope is these “gentlemen” will not be present. Again, I understand enforcing the rules and making sure everyone remains safe while having fun, but ego-trips should not be included with the price of admission.

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