Pride and Joy

It’s only a few days until the biggest game of the season. At least, it is for Bears and Packers fans. This game is bigger than the Super Bowl. Much bigger. Pride is on the line. Lines of loyalty have been drawn in the sand.  It’s us versus them.

And just what does this game mean to me? There are no words. I believe I’ve said them all with regards to how I feel about the Chicago Bears. My Chicago Bears. What more can be said from a woman who drives an orange car; wears orange and blue on game day, but has stopped wearing other specific clothing items due to losses; owns blue and orange beaded necklaces; multiple orange scarves; Bears gloves and hats; a Bears lamp, a Bears flag, a football that when punched says “Da Bears;” pom poms from an actual home game during the 1985-86 season;’ autographs from Dan Hampton and Walter Payton; Bears Christmas ornaments;  listens to “Sweet Home, Chicago” before every game and still cries during Brian’s Song…need I go on?

It’s all about pride and joy, baby.  Pride and joy.

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