Remember Two Things

So, here it is. The NFC Championship will be played in Chicago next Sunday, the Bears vs. Packers. Believe it or not, this is only the second time the longtime rivals will meet in the playoffs. The first time was in 1941, one week after the attack at Pearl Harbor. The Bears won 33-14.

There’s much at stake, namely a trip to the Super Bowl. But there’s also the fact the Bears let Green Bay strut onto Lambeau Field on the last game of the regular season and beat them for a playoff berth. Had the Bears taken care of business, as Lovie promised, we wouldn’t be having this rematch. And then there’s that little thing about hating the Pack. You can’t be a Bears fan and not despise the green and gold. I’ve mentioned this repeatedly. It’s just not possible. Respect Green Bay and their history? Yes. Respect the longtime rivalry? Yes. Like them just a little? No way. Cheer for them? Ever? NO.

I was actually asked if I would cheer for the Packers against Atlanta in order to see an epic NFC championship game between the Bears and Packers. Are you serious? Cheer for the Pack? Absolutely not. Some people get this. Some don’t. I don’t expect many to understand the warped mind of a fanatic, unless they’ve been there, experienced it, live with it themselves.

I actually have an example to share, something which happened just this Friday. First, let me begin with the car I drive. It’s a Ford Focus. Nothing special. Gets great gas mileage and with 124,000 miles, has hardly given me any problems or cost much money in repairs. But I didn’t buy the car because of its gas mileage or any consumer report I might’ve read. I bought the car because of the color. Not because I thought it was pretty or cute, or went with my hair. I bought it because it was orange. Chicago Bear Orange.

This is a picture taken shortly after I purchased the car seven years ago.  Notice the front tag. I love this car. So imagine my horror when I walked out of the office on Friday to drive home and discovered my Bear Mobile had been vandalised with this:

Someone had the audacity to put this on my car, actually bolt it over my license plate.

Who would do such a thing? Obviously, someone who does not know the dislike of the green and gold runs deep in the blood of the blue and orange faithful. Very deep. And someone who cannot possibly comprehend the impending wrath of a crazed fan.

So crazed, my co-workers could not understand why I wouldn’t just drive the car and take off the horrid frame when I got home. They could not comprehend my frantic search for a screwdriver or that I was contemplating just breaking the stupid thing off my tag. Drive with it on my car? That would have been sacrilege. Blasphemy. As it was, I was completely mortified just imagining if I hadn’t discovered the plate and actually drove around with it on…All weekend! Can you imagine? Fortunately, Papa Bear Halas was smiling down upon me. Not only did he intervene and gently persuade me to leave my office from a different door in order for me to see the desecration, but he somehow placed a flat-head screwdriver in my glove compartment to ensure I did not have to call someone to either bring me a tool to be rid of the wretched thing or give me a ride home.

Now, I admit I was impressed. Once it was removed. It took a lot of planning, not to mention guts to pull this prank. Especially during playoffs. And with the outcome of the games and the NFC Championship next Sunday, this was perfectly timed. Not that I’m forgiving or forgetting. Take heed, Mr. Foley. My memory is long. Very long.

But with the big game just one week away, I have other things to think about, pray for, worry over, and prepare. I’m predicting a Bears vs Jets Super Bowl. It’s destiny with Rex Ryan as a former ball boy for the Bears and now given the opportunity to coach against them in the Super Bowl. Not that he’ll win, but still…what a story.

As for the Packers, I hope Lovie reminds his boys of the promise he made when he arrived in Chicago, “Beat the Packers, Win a Super Bowl.” I remember. As I’ve stated, my memory is long. Very long.

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