Promises, promises

2011. According to the doomsday interpretations of the Mayan calendar, our final full year. And while I do not believe these radical interpretations of an ancient calendar, as I began to make my annual list of resolutions I kept this thought in the back of my mind, what if this was it? What if this was my final full year to accomplish…something. So, instead of making the usual broken-by-February resolutions of save money, start exercising, write more, I decided to go about this differently.

I divided my resolutions into categories I believe are most important in my life. For two of those categories, I decided to break it down by month so every month I’ll have two goals to accomplish.  Simple, right? And they are no longer resolutions, but promises of new, promises of faith, promises of health, promises of home.

Promises of New (year-long goal): Try new things. In so doing, the goal is to become fearless. These goals encompass everything from writing to physical activity, to locations and technology. 1. Write my novel. While I realize this is not entirely new, I’ve realized it is a fear. Fear of the new. I’m a short story writer. I find comfort in blogs. Not novels. A novel is intimidating. Face the fear. Write the novel.

2. Run. I want to become a runner. I want to start running. Why? I have no idea, except I’ve always admired people like my brother who run consistently and have for years. And Chandra has  inspired me in her new-found runnerdom. Run.

3. Visit some place new. Even if it’s just a town in Kansas I have never been, the goal is to discover. Shed the comfort zone of familiar territory. I used to love to travel, and while finances have been the downfall of our once travel friendly lives, this doesn’t mean there are not wonderful places to become acquainted just a few miles down the road.

4. Step into the world of Ipod. I’m still a CD gal. And our living room still hosts a monstrous CD-carousel that is really obsolete and truly ugly. Get an Ipod, download, get mobile. Then maybe buy a new piece of pretty furniture to replace the monstrosity. Ahhh.

Promises of Faith (year-long): Be closer to God. I have finally found a parish in which I feel welcome, serene, and most importantly, impassioned. The priest gave me my first bible. Yes, a 40+ year Catholic receiving her first bible. And I’ve joined a few of the ministries within the church. I’ve never known this presence and I want to spend 2011 knowing more.

Promises of Health (monthly goals): I won’t go into details and give each month’s goal, but this has everything to do with  health. I have felt physically lousy the latter of 2010. Fatigued, achy, heavy. Ick. So, January begins with cutting back on dairy, February kicks red meat to the curb, March will introduce running to the mix of yoga and Pilates. And that’s just the first three months.

Promises of Home (monthly goals): Both tangible and intangible. I’ve made a list of physical attributes I would like to omit, add or update in our home. Both inside and out. Plus a list of ideas I would like to incorporate to bring more of a sense of comfort and security and closeness. I confess, my husband and I spend too much time a part in our own home. He in one room, me in another. Unless we’re on the deck. Which is great. But it seems when we are indoors, we drift to different areas of the house. I’ve yet to clue him in on these “togetherness” goals, but I’m hopeful.

And with that, I begin a new year. Of course, I hope to incorporate promises to blog more, at least daily on one of my three blogs. And to actually go one full year without borrowing money from savings.

But even if I fail in all four categories, I believe the challenge will be enough to open my life to possibilities. And to hope. After all, isn’t that what  a new year is all about?

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