A Happy Christmas

Well, another Christmas come and gone. The season always passes so quickly. I barely get my sports tree up, when I’m taking it down. This year, I’m thinking I’ll leave it up until Superbowl. At least the sports tree and all my Bears Christmas stuff, especially the stocking. After all, I did ask Santa for a few things…a division championship, playoff berth, first-round bye,  a trip to the Superbowl…and the stocking is not full. Not yet.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first.

Bears versus Packers. A lot rests on this game. Not just the usual, as in Lovie’s #1 priority as head coach: beat the Packers. Or my seasonal mantra: beat the Packers, as in if the Bears only win two games in a season, those two wins better be against Green Bay.

Come Sunday, it’s more than the usual. In order for the Bears to clinch a first-round bye, they need for the Eagles to lose or to beat the Packers. I vote for beating the Packers. And as if I needed another reason to beat the Pack, if Green Bay wins their in. The only other way they can make the playoffs is if Tampa Bay and New York both lose. It’s that time of year when playoff berths are contingent upon wins and losses not only by your own team, but by others. It’s muddled. It’s crazy. It’s playoff season.

To sum it all up, I’m cheering for a Packer beating. Plus, I’ll be rooting for the Redskins and the Saints. And just in case, while I won’t cheer on the Vikings, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Tuesday night game in Philadelphia. More than just to see them play in all that snow.

Then, it will truly be a Happy Christmas. And possibly an outstanding New Year.

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