November Insanity

Okay, so that doesn’t roll off the tongue like March Madness. But it’s better than ESPN’s “Feast Week.” All I know is the past few days I’ve longed to be sitting in a bar in Overland Park with my brother. Brackets and highlighters and a Sam Adams in hand. My neck aching from turning from screen to screen. Ah, the NCAA tournament. The Big Dance.

Hasn’t it felt a little like March Madness? My brother spent yesterday at Buffalo Wild Wings, texting me between games. I spent last evening in front of the television, cheering on my Shox, as well as UConn, Washington, KState, and the Illini. Well, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad. My Shox won, which is most important. And as long as Kemba Walker and the young Huskies keep rolling in Maui, it makes the Shockers first round loss in the Maui Invitational a little easier to swallow.

What a way to begin the Thanksgiving holiday. College basketball. Then amidst the stuffing and turdurken’s, there’s the NFL. Of course, I’m tired of seeing Detroit and Dallas, but I’ll watch all the same. It’s part of the tradition.

But this evening, I’ll bake sweet potato pies, drink a New Belgium 2 below, and watch college hoops. And dream of March Madness. It’s only three and a half months away…

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