The night is black without a moon…

It is Halloween. One of my favorite evenings of the year. Halloween brings to mind the stir of fallen leaves, children’s laughter in the air, the scent of candles, the rustle of candy wrappers, and the itchy, sticky weight of wigs, grease makeup, and costumes.

Brad and I used to dress up every year. Every year. And we would make our own costumes, usually thrown together in a one week period of mayhem including last-minute¬†dashes to the DAV or Salvation Army, too hot glue guns, and ad-lib accessories. It was awesome. But the past few years, we’ve missed out. Last year, I was studying for comps. With my dining room table stacked with books and notes, I wasn’t in the costuming mood. This year…well, we just didn’t feel up to it, although we had costumes at the ready.

So, in honor of our former King and Queen of Halloween days, I’ve posted a little slide show of our past efforts. Too fun. And yes, should you be in need of a costume, we’ve kept them all. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictured, but not necessarily in this order: witch & beatnik, Fire & Ice, Jules and Vincent (Pulp Fiction), Soldier Field and the Beer Guy, Mermaid and Yellow Submarine, Poison Ivy, Morticia, Chong from Up in Smoke, Bert and Mime, Mtv and VJ Martha Quinn, Carl from Slingblade and Day of the Dead woman.

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